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My Bling Fling Jewelry for Women

Our Juicy Details...

Why would you have a fling with Jewelry?

For centuries, women have shared a secret crush on jewelry. All the way back to the early days of fashion, jewelry has been worn to emphasize one's wealth, power and influence. It has also been a sure way to a woman's heart by symbolizing the feelings of love that could only be expressed properly with something that sparkles.

We here at My Bling Fling are not only very aware of your secret crush... we actually share it ourselves. The driving force behind this playful little affair is Kathy Pulido. Kathy (along with her husband) are third generation Jewelers and the owners of our parent company, Pulido Jewelers. Kathy and Joshua decided to create this new concept to help you develop a long-lasting love affair with bling. An affair that won't empty your piggy bank, will impress all your friends and is sure to keep a knowing smile on your face for years to come!